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Fighter from my country

This region still lives a state of security and that is related to the heroism and sacrifice of SDF fighters, who have liberated the region from the oppression of the terrorist organization Daesh and continue to protect the region from the ambitions of the aggressors.

Azzam al-Ahmad, was born in Khatouniya village  in 1991, is a fighter who joined the SDF two years ago. He received military training in the academies of the SDF and trainings on heavy weapons. he Began to take part in fighting against terrorist organization in the village of Qadiriyah.

Azzam participated in the battles to liberate most of the western Raqqa countryside, such as liberating the village of Ansar and the eastern Salihbiya. He then arrived his village of Khattounia and participated in the liberation of his village, but was surprised that his house was vandalized by terrorists Who took his family out of the house and made it a headquarters for their crimes and before they left the house partially destroyed and burned it.

The fighter Azzam said, “I was very impressed when I saw the house was destroyed, but this did not deter me from continuing my derby and my goal in liberating our land and our people from the oppression of the criminals and following my way and taking part in liberating the farm of Rabi’a and jazzra and defeating criminals from the neighborhoods of tayair and Nazzalt Shahada and Rumaila , I participated in the campaign of the storm of the island and contributed to the liberation of the fields of omar and tink . and bhra village.

In conclusion, the fighter Azzam spoke about his feel of happiness and joy when the people are liberated from mercenaries of Daesh and with pain and sadness when they are talking about the acts of criminals.

SDF, Media Center

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