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As long as we hear the stories of heroes sacrificed themselves to save their comrades from the grip of the enemies and do not care about the risks they provide

But in SDF we see these heroes with our own eyes and hear their stories from their mouths and see how much harm they have done to protect their comrades.

”Abd al-Khaliq Daoud”,a fighter in the ranks of SDF born in Shaddadi city tells what happened with him when Daesh controlled Shaddadi city. He says: I was a high school student and I was preparing to enter the university but they prevented the study because in their opinion contrary to the principles they follow then I began to feel humiliation and despair,

I went to live in Hasakah city to complete my studies, for My financial condition did not allow me to complete the study turned despair that I feel to the goal set by my eyes to expel these mercenaries from my country. I placed the victory in my eyes and went to join SDF because I believed that the army, which is defending the homeland, and participated in the campaign to liberate Raqqa city.

As we raided the neighborhood of al-Mashlaab in Raqqa, we entered an ambush and separated from my comrades as a result of the heavy bullets. I knew that my comrades had been injured in the house that is following me. I fled from the second floor so that I could kill the terrorists who surrounded them and managed to get rid of my comrades. and I lost consciousness as a result.

I was taken to Kobani Hospital and found that I had broken my pelvis and leg and hurt the nerve. I was then transferred to the Physiotherapy house in Hasakah until I was treated so that I could get up again.

Some say to me that you did not have to do that and you could have saved yourself, but I would say to them that if the incident were to be repeated, I would again ask myself for the sake of my comrades. The strength of SDF is the result of the fighters’ love for each other and their faith in their cause.

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