Graduated 80 Fighters from Shahid “Dvram Jody” Academy In The Countryside Of Deir AL-Zour

Deir ez -Zour – On Wednesday, 8/8/2018,  shahid  “Dvram Jody”Academy in the countryside of Deir AL-Zour, graduated   a training course for the fighters of SDF carried the name of the shahid “Shyar Shanan” the fighters received political lessons and military   exercises and tactics for 23 days, including 80 fighters from Sons of Deir ez-Zour.

The fighters expressed their joy to graduate and expressed their readiness to go to the fronts of fighting and liberate civilians from injustice and domination, and thanked the management of the academy and trainers.

At the end of the ceremony, the fighters performed the military section to preserve the gains made by the blood of the shahids and follow the walk on their path

SDF, Media Center


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