Graduation of the first Ambulance and Emergency course for the ISF

Tabqa – the Internal Security Forces that seek day and night to ensure security and safety in the region by opening its frequent courses in the Tabqa and its countryside of the forces of rescue and Traffic Tracks and emergency teams and ambulances under the changing conditions in the northern region of Syria.

shahid “Ali Melhem” academy took two courses, an ambulance and emergency teams in the name of shahid “Hassan al-Mousa”, which included 45 elements and a course of the internal security forces for women in the name of shaid “Sumaya” included 15 elements.

The graduation ceremony attended by a number of members of the civil administration of Tabqa region and some of the leaders of the Internal Security Forces.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahids, followed by a presentation by the volunteers.

The joint chairman of the Interior Committee of Raqqa city, Mustafa Mahmoud, congratulated the trainees who finished the practical training and said: “As you graduate from this course, you will do your duty towards the nation and society in all its Components.

Ayoub Sadoun, confirmed who delivered a speech on behalf of the emergency and ambulance teams in the north of Syria, also praised the graduates of the special intellectual course and the first of the internal security forces for women in the province of Raqqa as well as the ambulance and emergency teams. He pointed out that this course was the result of great efforts by the trainee’s day and night. Today, you will follow the path of humanity to preserve the lives of our children and our people in the region.

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