Graduation of the tenth course of Democratic Society academy

Ain-Issa – The Democratic Society Academy in Ain Issa town graduated its tenth course in the name of the shahid Kivara. It included 32 trainees from the heads and members of the councils, municipalities and commins. The course lasted for 20 days. The trainees received intellectual and ideological lessons on the importance of training, Criticism and self-criticism, the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples.

Academy’s official” Khabat Afrin” confirm the aim of these lessons is to enable trainees to master their work properly in the municipalities and councils and overcome the difficult stage of managing their affairs and their own work.

The joint presidency of Raqqa City Council Center “Yasmin Hamid” pointed out that she learned the meaning of legitimate defense and private war and its impact on society and learned the correct principles of this course and learned the rights of women because women in the past time is a machine. Now women with men on the fronts and work and others.

The trainee Abdullah Al-Wahid, head of Al Karama town council, added that he came to learn science and knowledge and that he learned the meaning of brotherhood of peoples, democratic life, criticism, self-criticism, organization, ethics and self-confidence.

The ceremony ended with the farewell of trainees to each other and going to work carrying a full bag of science and knowledge to teach those who could not come and attend these courses intellectual and educational.

SDF, Media Center

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