Herbal Medicine .. Between past  and present

Traditional Medicine The oldest type of medicine, based on herbal medicine, is a summary of people’s habits in the treatment of diseases and epidemics that were prevalent in the history.

Tebqa city is one of the cities whose people still rely on traditional medicine. More than 30 doctors work within the city and its countryside. Many of them inherit the profession from their parents and grandparents. However, few have the opportunity to study this medical branch academically.

Mohammed Hashim Al-Rawi is one of Tabqa population who joined the American University of Lebanon to study herbal medicine, but was unable to complete his studies Because of financial circumstances, but Mohammed worked as a herbalist since 1995 and continues to this day.

During these years, Muhammad has been able to treat many diseases such as spinal diseases, kidneys, urinary tract infections, chest infections, some types of diabetes, rheumatism and others.

The herbalist, Muhammad, used medicines that he had extracted from the herbs that are available in Syria, such as sesame, sage, ginger and thyme, as well as oils and honey.

Despite of  the development of modern medicine, but did not abolish the role of folk medicine, which used by people in the treatment of many diseases; the Chemical drugs have side effects, according to  the doctor “Mohammed” that the drugs prepared laboratory contains toxic substances with varying percentages in some of them to 70% , While the percentage of natural herbal remedies does not exceed 5%, making herbal medicine more effective and less harmful in the treatment of diseases.

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