Initial response teams: We retrieved more than 1,800 dead body from different cemeteries

Raqqa – The initial response team of Raqqa Civil Council continues to retrieved the bodies from mass cemeteries dug by Daesh and from under the rubble and other places such as Arab houses and public parks.

The initial response team began working on the largest mass cemeteries at ”Panorama Roundabout” on the north western side of Raqqa city

He spoke to   media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Yasser Khamis, the commander of the initial response team that the number of cemeteries in Raqqa city reached 10 mass g cemeteries and the work completed from 4 cemeteries and the cemetery was opened at the request of Raqqa Civil Council and the approximate number in this cemetery from 800 to 1500 bodies.

al-Khamis added that this cemetery contains random and regular cemeteries, and the largest number in this cemetery are mercenaries, Daesh identified by the belts and military dress notified to the teams of engineering mines and clean the cemetery.

Al-Khamis pointed out that the response team works in several places in the city in ”the Bedouin neighborhood” and at the ”White Garden” and work is done on them and about 1800 bodies retrieved by the team and buried in a special cemetery that was equipped near ”Tal al-Bayia”, after documenting the bodies in official records and photographs and bodies with them Data maintained and documented by the Forensic Office of the Initial Response Team.

al-Khamis confirmed that there is a new g discovered by the help of the people in ”Fakhekha ”village and that the cemetery was burying those who are executed, in addition to mass executions and buried in it, according to eyewitnesses from the region.

”al-Khamis” called all the people of missing persons to identify the bodies that are extracted before being buried.

SDF, Media Center


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