HomenewsJoining 59 fighters (men and women) to shahid ”Zakaria Academy”

Joining 59 fighters (men and women) to shahid ”Zakaria Academy”

Hasakah -shahid “Zakaria” academy opened, Tuesday 7/8/2018 a new training and rehabilitation course for the fighters of SDF. The course named shahid “Ragab” and included 59 fighters and will last about three months.

The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence for the shahids, followed by a military parade by the fighters.

During the opening ceremony, on behalf of SDF “Layla Ashokane” gave a speech welcomed the fighters and wished them success. She sees enthusiasm and determination in the eyes of these fighters, they will be the real backers of the heroes who are fighting on the fronts of the fighting. The struggle waged by the fighters with their pure blood continues until the elimination of terrorism and the liberation of all lands.

As for the training that the trainees will receive, ”Shiho Jilo” the military instructor, said that this course will be primarily intellectual, where the trainees will receive lessons on the principles of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of the people and how to build the intellectually sound man.

Women’s rights and their role in the progress of society and the principle of criticism and self-criticism.

Military exercises will be limited to some tactics and war plans.

The opening ceremony concluded with the performance of the military section.

SDF, Media Center


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