killing of a Turkish soldier and a leader of mercenaries

The media Office of the People’s Protection Unit (YPG) issued a written statement to public opinion on Tuesday 14-8-2018, in which it pointed out that a Turkish soldier and one of the mercenary leaders killed as part of their ongoing military operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the Afrin area for the second week of August.

the statement as follows:

To public opinion

”Within the framework of the second phase of the resistance of the era in Afrin region, resistance of our units continues against the Turkish occupation soldiers and mercenaries in the region,

Where our units carried out during the second week of August, a series of operations in the villages of Shara and Mabata districts, led to the death of a number of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries.

Including on 8 August, the mercenary ”Abdul Razzaq al-Bakor”, one of the leaders of the mercenaries was killed, after few days being seriously injured in explosion an explosive bomb in Mabata district.

As our units blew up on the evening 11 August, a motorcycle joint patrol of the Turkish army and mercenaries on the road to the village of Kafr Jana, of Shara district.

Where a Turkish soldier was killed and another injured. In addition to the killing of a number of mercenaries, we cannot know exactly how many.

 YPG, Media Center

14 August 2018

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