Kindergartens in Tabqa and its countryside

Tabqa – After years of ignorance and darkness that dominated the areas controlled by Daesh, the sun of hope and science returned to light these areas after liberation from the clutches of Daesh.

Schools opened and children returned to their schools, and teachers took their role in shaping the future of this nation by fulfilling their duty to educate future generations.

In addition, kindergartens have recently been opened for children in Tabqa and its countryside with the support of the Women’s Council and the Education Committee of Tabqa.

A number of organizations have also participated in this work and literacy courses have been opened in Tabqa and its countryside.

Mahmudli town In the Northern Tabqa countryside has opened a kindergarten, which aims to strengthen children in preparation for the next school year. The kindergarten has 30 children and is taught by three volunteers from the Women’s House.

Nawal al-Hassan, member of the Women’s House in Mahmudli, town talked about this course and said: In this course, children taught alphabet, numbers and the basics of language. There is also an entertainment hour in the school, including sections of educational games. Among the 30 children there are 10 children who are behind school.

And was allocated a private school to join them in the same age, With the opening of schools at the beginning of next month, children of school age will attend school, while children under the age of six will continue to teach and develop their educational capacities.

SDF, Media Center


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