Homedialogue”Mazen Omran” is a physicist with a few potentials

”Mazen Omran” is a physicist with a few potentials

Tabqa – After Tabqa city and its countryside went through a state of instability, as result of the war to liberate the region and what Daesh left behind it of mines, which killed many people and left many permanent disabilities that need a certain type of physical therapy.

Where many people found difficult to treat such cases due to the lack of doctors specialized in physical therapy in Tabqa city and its countryside as a result of the distance of hospitals where physical therapy is available.

Recently,”Mazen Omran” from Deir ez-Zour city returned to tabqa city and settle down to practice as a physical therapist, He is now working in a Swedish Kabira village in Tabqa countryside after working for several years in Deir ez-Zour and Turkey.

“Mazen Omran,”spoke about the mechanism of his work, saying “We are in our specialty as physiotherapists, our work for motor injuries starts from the patient entering the hospital so that he can walk on his feet. The most treatment we are treating are injuries to people who have been affected by the war and mines that have killed many people.

”Mazen” continued by saying: “We treat children who suffer from paralysis from birth and others such as paralysis of cerebral hemorrhage, lack of tissue and polio in general, and the healing of war injuries and polio by 60 to 80% of cases.

Mazen treats many cases free of charge in order to alleviate the suffering of those who come from far away. Mazen suffers from difficulties such as lack of available equipment and wishes humanitarian organizations help him to help treat those suffering from war-related disabilities. Recently, children with paralysis are treatable physicists.

SDF , Media Center


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