Mid-term exam for teachers of summer training course

Al-Hasakah – Education Directorate in Al-Hasakah conducted a semi-examination for the teachers who are subject to the summer courses, in order to know the level that they are reached by the teachers and the benefit of the course and to know the people who made progress.

Teachers are subject to a mid-term exam after one month of qualifying, according to the terms of reference and a comprehensive exam for primary school teachers.

He spoke about the exams of the joint training course of the Teachers Union, “Mohamed Zaido” saying: These tests to assess the status of teachers after they received lessons for a month, and we focus on the teachers and interested in them more because if they did not succeed in the final test we will evaluate in the coming period we will put Punish them and dismiss them if necessary.

The trainee teacher” Khuloud Al Hussein ” said: that the test is important to evaluate the course and the teachers, and to avoid the weakness experienced by the teachers.

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