Monthly meeting of the Committee of Culture and Art

Hassakah – The Culture and Art Committee of the province of Hasaka held a meeting with its subcommittees to discuss the political and organizational situation and development a joint mechanism and plan of action.

During the meeting, she gave the name of the Culture and Art Committee in the province of Hasaka “Afaf Hasaka” a speech in which she welcomed all the attendees Afaf then spoke about the political situation in Syria in general and the city of Afrin in particular.

Afaf concluded her speech by saying that their activities and work continue in Afrin despite all the obstacles, difficulties and violations against the Afrin pople they face, but with the help of the resistance fighters who are in the spirit of resistance ”Avista Khabour” continue their efforts and activities with dedication and will

Afaf discussed the organizational situation of the committees, the problems and difficulties of the committees and the need to find solutions to avoid problems and difficulties in the coming stages. She stressed the need to provide services to the subcommittees of the Culture and Art Committee such as providing them with means of transport, opening more cultural centers and setting up theaters and providing the necessary equipment for these centers.

The meeting ended with members reading their monthly reports, what they did, the difficulties and obstacles they face, and proposing solutions, discussing them and drawing up a new plan of action to provide a more culture and knowledge environment.

SDF, Media Center


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