Mother of five children raised by motherhood to become a fighter

When she saw the children of Afrin who are deprived of the innocence of their childhood, she moved away from her children and decided to join the women’s protection units (YPJ) defense the city of Afrin, where the blood is shed daily. This is the case of Zilan Raqqa.

The horrendous massacres that she witnessed when Daesh dominated Raqqa was a reason to join (Asayish)) Police women (to protect her country from their attacks and massacres in Afrin. Recently, it was another reason to join with all strength and face the other face of terrorism after receiving ideological lessons and military training to fight.

“Zilan” is the mother of five children from Raqqa. She speaks with tears in her eyes with nostalgia for her children, but she tears away with confidence.  Then She said the children of Afrin are also my children and for them I am ready to sacrifice everything I have.

Maternal feelings rise to be a fighter in a period in which the world said that Afrin will not stand in front of the second state of NATO to prove to the world resistance of the era against the yoke of the fascist occupation

“Zilan” pointed out: that the path of the martyrs is our way and we will not stand Unconscious towards the fascism of Erdogan, but we will fight until the last moment and the sacrifice of “Avasta Khabur” will be represent in every woman in this country and the victory will be our ally.

SDF ,Media Center


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