Municipality of Raqqa continues to Maintenance of roads

The People’s municipality in Raqqa city continues to maintain, rehabilitate and pave the roads of the city after years of war.

On the ground, the Municipality of Raqqa continues to rehabilitate and pave of the roads that reached today to the end of Al-16 Street in the Rumela neighborhood, where the damaged areas are maintained by the technical means of removing the remains and identifying the damaged parts in the form of engineering pieces. Then thoroughly cleaned and sprayed a liquid asphalt layer above the new asphalt layer.

“Mohammed Said” working in one of the shops overlooking the street said: We were suffering from the pool of water in the affected areas in addition to the inability of mechanisms and cars and ambulances to move, but now after the reform with a new layer of asphalt has become good movement and thank the concerned authorities on this step and we hope Continuing to provide services.

 SDF, Media Center


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