My disability will not deter me from my work

Amina Ahmed,” a resident of Mansoura town challenged the disability and lived her life as if living the best, and never felt that this disability is the end of her life

-Amina’s story began since her birth when she was a small child with motor paralysis due to a doctor’s mistake of giving her a dose of medicine that led to her motor disability she is now at the age of 36.

She has been working in Mansoura Municipality Park for months. Amina, who amazed everyone around her with her will and strong determination, impressed everyone she knew and saw what she was doing, reflecting the will of life in a man who was destined to be disabled.

Amina recounts her story with a glimmer of hope in her eyes that she is an active member of society. “I am here now, planting roses and seedlings from the trees, caring for them and doing my job perfectly. I never thought that this disability was the end of my hope for life, but I always look for what is better.

I have seen many people who have been injured and disabled and wanted to be the end of their role in life. Now, thanks to my will, I depend on myself in all my affairs. I do not need anyone to help but help others. I know how strong and how effective I am and how much I can interact. With her in my daily life I always look for the better.

SDF, Media Center


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