opening of an intensive training course for teachers

Raqqa – The Education Committee of Raqqa Civil Council announced an intensive course for the rehabilitation of teachers who did not join the previous courses for 20 days.

”Mohammed Ali Mohammed”, from the management of Literature Center, confirmed that this training course is exceptionally intensive and aims to receive the largest segment of teachers in all specialties to help them in the absence of vacancies during the semester to be ready.

”Mohammed” added that the lessons are systematic lessons and how to teach methods of science, mathematics, Arabic and Kurdish language, the number of teachers reached 175 teachers and the number is increasing.

Trainer ”Rayd Al Mari” noted “This course aims to prepare teachers to stand in front of students and give lessons properly and accommodate as many qualified teachers as possible,

”Al-Marai” concluded his speech that their aspirations are great despite the limited and weak possibilities and that they are not here to give the teachers educational lessons but to teach them how to extract the important materials and information and give them to the student in the best possible way and easy because of the long interruption of schools for students because of past circumstances.

SDF, Media Center


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