opening of the electricity transformer “ten kilo” in Tabqa city

The Directorate of Electricity of the Civil Administration in Tabqa city today opened electricity transformer in the diversion yard in the Euphrates Dam, during a ceremony attended by many personalities of the Civil Administration and workers of the Euphrates dam.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the lives of the martyrs and then spoke “Ali Habash,” the joint presidency of the Electricity Committee of the Civil Administration in Tabqa city saying:

We rehabilitated the electricity transformer (10 Kilo) which was disabled for eight years and re-maintenance it again it for the delivery of electricity to the areas that have not yet reached the electricity, and to solve the problem of power outages on Tabqa city and today and with great efforts and the possibilities available to us from experts, engineers and workers, we opened this Electric transformer to reduce the rationing hours on the city.

Habash pointed out that the transformer will supply electricity to the western and northern villages of Tabqa city, including the villages of al-Bu Asi, Abu Hurayrah and other villages that did not reach the electricity supply.

At the end of his speech, he said: We strive to return all electrical transformers to work again in order to connect electricity to Raqqa  city and re- maintenance of transformers existing in the Euphrates dam and the efforts of workers from engineers, technicians and experts..

SDF, Media Center


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