Opening of the first commando courses in the Euphrates territory

Ain Issa – SDF opened the first commandos training course in the Euphrates territory on Tuesday, 28/8/2018, at the commando academy, it carried name of the martyr ” Shayar Afrin “, in the presence of a number of leaders of SDF.

The course included 60 fighters, which will last for six months during which the fighters will receive military training on all light and medium weapons, intensive physical training on nearby martial arts such as taekwondo and karate, swimming and diving and use a white weapon.

The opening ceremony began with a military parade by SDF fighters, followed by greeting the martyrs. The leader of SDF, “Hakki Kubani” delivered a speech in which he praised the fighters for the opening of their course, and wished them to intensify their efforts in the training they will receive to defend the land and said “We will take the resistance of the times in Afrin as the starting point for our revolutionary work to liberate the entire territory from terrorism and its supporters.

The opening ceremony ended with the performance of the military oath to preserve the gains achieved thanks to the blood of the martyrs.

SDF, Media Center


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