Organizing pharmacies is the first task of the Pharmacists Union

Hasakah – After the transfer of the Pharmacists Union to its new headquarters in the Health Council, which includes all the medical associations in Hasakah, this union started its first practical tasks of organizing pharmacies and eliminating the phenomenon of indiscriminate spread, as well as preventing price manipulation.

The Union also works to get rid of phenomena that have spread in recent times and these phenomena mentioned to us by the joint president of the Union, “Ezzedin Suleiman,” the phenomenon of selling sedative and drugs medicines without prescriptions, which led to the spread of these materials among young people in large quantities and the phenomenon of renting certificates to traders who open from the way of these certificates are pharmacies and they sell medicines as if they were selling ration items..

The pharmacist “Mohamed Mansour” told us that as pharmacists benefited greatly from the existence of the Union said: If we exclude the organization and control of pharmacies, there is a very important point is the provision of Syrian medicine secured for us at reasonable prices after suffering severe foreign medicine that we were importing from northern Iraq and was not effective degree required despite the high price.

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