Part of the suffering of children in AL-Hol camp

Al-Hasakah – The situation of displaced children in Al-Hol camp in Hasakah   differs from that of other children because they lack many of the components and meanings of childhood.

Today, in Al-Hol camp and in the summer, the school closed its doors for the summer vacation and the organizations did not take part in summer educational and recreational activities. The children took to strolling and playing soil under the hot sun, a recreational means for them and others to work in shops in the camp market. Others were able to make a hand trolley to transport widgets for a small amount.

Hassan al-Husain, a 12-year-old displaced child from Iraq, said: After schools close and starting the summer vacation, I managed to work in an ice cream shop to help my family in spending because his father was incapacitated because of an injury that paralyzed, his mother’s sewing was not enough to bring their needs

Issa Zakaria, displaced from Deir ez -Zour, who got first grade in school is currently working on a truck to transport the necessities for a small price because of his parents’ loss during the displacement. He lives with his uncle’s family and appeals to the organizations to open a center of activities to develop his talent and passion for mathematics.

The hopes of the children are related to the intensification of humanitarian activities by the humanitarian organizations in order to redraw the smile that has been stolen from them.

SDF , Media Center


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