People’s Municipality Draw Joy on The Faces of Children

Tabqa – the People’s Municipality in Tabqa  city continues its hard work to be Tabqa city the most beautiful city ,after the municipality paved roads and Coating sidewalks also worked to rehabilitate the gardens by putting games in the gardens.

Where the People’s Municipality, in cooperation with “Peter Hope”, placed games in the Mohammed Fares garden “in the third neighborhood” in Tabqa city  in order to draw joy and a smile on the faces of children who suffered from the cruelty and injustice of Daesh.

”Khadija Dawood” a Joint President of the People’s Municipality of  Tabqa said :”In light of the situation that Tabqa city has experienced in the past five years, the oppression and tyranny of Daesh that has deprived children of education and play like other children, depriving them of the most basic elements of their lives, like other children, and spreading ignorance in their minds and underdevelopment,”

In the context of the work of the People’s Municipality to restore life to Tabqa city, “Dawood” pointed out, we strive to rehabilitate the gardens in the city and decorate and plant trees and grass and open cafes inside these gardens, because there are some people do not have the ability to enter private gardens because of the financial cost.

SDF , Media Center


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