People’s municipality in Raqqa city starts campaign to restore the pavements of city

The People’s municipality of Raqqa on Wednesday started a campaign to restore the pavements at the entrance to the northern city to the main entrance of the city.

After the People’s municipality in Raqqa city completed the rehabilitation and paving of the city’s roads, it began renovating the pavements at its entrances, starting from the Al-Askan Canal area to the Silo roundabout in the city, about 2 km away.

Yasser Al-Ahmad, the owner of the workshop, stressed that this work comes within the framework of solving problems and facilitating service matters within the city, and help its people in the reconstruction of their destroyed city.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the municipality’s campaign started from the city and completing from  the renovation of the pavements of Saif Al-Dawla Street and the Clock roundabout to reach Baghdad Gate.

Work will continue within the project to rehabilitate all roads and entrances to Al-Raqqa city.

SDF, Media Center


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