Release of a number of suspects on security issues

Raqqa – In the framework of the release of prisoners suspected of security issues, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)released nine prisoners of suspects, in coordination with the Office of Public Relations of SDF and the elders and dignitaries of the tribes.

A member of the office of public relations, “Sheikh Ammar al-Hami” confirmed that, in cooperation between the elders of the tribes with the SDF released the third batch of suspects in security cases and wished the released to commit themselves to good behaviors to help them to build their country and stay away from those who try to destabilize security in their city.

As for those who remain out of the hands of justice, “al-Hami” indicated that if they surrender themselves, SDF will settle their situation and they will be released immediately after their status is settled. Al-Hami ” promised to provide assistance as members of the Public Relations Office and representatives of large segments of society as clan elders.

SDF, Media Center

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