Restoration of the walls and kitchens of Ein Issa camp

Plumont organization and UNHCR, in coordination with the Ain Issa camp administration, are working restoration the camp walls and sub-kitchens..

On the restoration project, the director of Ain Issa camp, Jalal Ayaf, said that the workshops have begun work on restoration the walls and sub-kitchens in the camp. The kitchens have been replaced with concrete kitchens to withstand the summer heat and winter cold.

Al-Ayaf pointed “we are preparing a plan to repair the tents that were torn apart from the soil storm last month.All this is the responsibility of Plumnet  organization and UNHCR.

Ayaf thanked all the organizations working in Ein Issa for their great efforts in serving their people in the camp.

SDF, Media Center

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