role of Raqqa women in the service field

For many years, women at Raqqa were marginalized and abandoned because of the empty and backward minds that they treated as a piece of furniture thrown in the house, to the arrival of Daesh who increased their suffering through unfair practices against her and her rights.

Today, after the liberation of Raqqa city from Daesh, women work in all fields, and in all places stand with both men in the process of construction

In the service field in the People’s municipality in Raqqa, women play a large role in providing services to citizens, preserving their property and not allowing abuse, and working to prove themselves at work and stand by men in the most difficult situations and circumstances.

“Awatif Al-Issa, “director of the Women’s Bureau of the People’s municipality, talks to us about the importance of women in society and in the people’s municipality in particular and the projects carried out by women of all kinds. The woman works in the municipality of the people together with men in administration or in the police and in all the offices of the People’s municipality, and through this work, to reach a message to all women in the city of Raqqa that they advance and contribute to the building and advancement of society.

Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, chairman of the People’s municipality in Raqqa, confirmed   that women are working hard to prove themselves, especially in the field of services, which is the cornerstone of building a healthy society.

SDF ,Media Center


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