Roman baths in the countryside of Tabqa

The area of the Euphrates valley is one of the oldest areas inhabited by humans since prehistoric times to the present time, and evidenced by the monuments, inscriptions, tombs and drawings found in these areas.

Tabqa city located in the western countryside of Raqqa city, on the banks of the Euphrates River has been home to humans since ancient times, and there are several sites belonging to the civilizations settled in this area and left many of the monuments which indicated it, Including the Roman baths or the so-called “al- Sura”

These Roman baths are located on the banks of the Euphrates River at Hamam village, east of al Hurriya Dam. The village named by that name, because of its historical monuments and Roman-era baths.

On this site spoke to us a member of the Joint Presidency of the Committee on Tourism and Antiquities in Tabqa  civil Council ,Moussa al-Ahmad saying : A large part of these Roman baths under the ground has not been discovered until today and what was discovered is a small part of the bathrooms, and this site and other sites Archaeological in Tabqa  city for many of the robberies and sabotage by Daesh and mercenary mercenaries of the Free Army and the front of al-Nsra From before.

Today, after liberating the region from Daesh, the Directorate of Tourism and Antiquities seeks to preserve and protect these sites because of their great importance to the history of the region, the Directorate has taken a number of measures to protect it from guarding and punishing those who attempt to steal or sabotage, to restore what can be restored within the existing capabilities, cooperate with the concerned parties to restore as much of the stolen artifacts as possible.

In Tabqa city there are many important archaeological sites such as the castle of Ja’aber and the minaret of Abu Hurayrah and Roman baths.


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