Shahid “Aziz Arab” academy of the democratic society graduated its tenth course

Hasakah – Shahid academy Aziz Arab graduated for the democratic society 90 teachers underwent a training course carried name of shahid “Manhal Al-Hilal” which lasted for one, during which the trainees received intellectual and practical lessons as well as lessons in the curriculum and how to deal with the students.

The ceremony started with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahids Then delivered  of freedom and democracy organized by trained teachers. The ceremony also included musical passages supporting women and urging them to work to take their leading role in society.

And then spoke teacher “Ahmed Al-Hilal” brother of shahid Manhal about the life of his brother shahid and his goal in liberating his country from injustice.

Ghadeer Al-Najam, one of the female teachers, spoke about the importance of training and its usefulness in learning about the importance of women’s effective role in society and how to liberate it and create sound ideas that women should follow to help raise awareness of human.

The Board of Directors of the academy handed over the graduation documents to the teachers and commended the efforts they had made at this course and wished them success in the field of education.

SDF ,Media Center


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