Shahid Idris Academy Graduates its 26th course

shahid Idris Academy in Ain Issa, graduated its 26th training course for the internal security forces in Raqqa and its countryside, it carries name of the shahid “Ahmed Al-Awish,” who was martyred during his response to an attempt to infiltrate from Daesh of Raqqa city, included the 248 fighters who received political lessons, military and intellectual training on weapons.

During the ceremony, the director of the Internal Security Forces, ”Iskandar Issa” delivered a speech in which he said: “The message presented by the shahid throughout these years has turned the enemy’s plans upside down and we are now seeking to develop our security system for Raqqa Square ,and all the forces that were deployed under the roof of the Internal Security Forces .We will stand together to meet the demands of our people and achieve security and stability, and the existence of this confidence enhances security and tranquility, and it will be our priority to combat terrorism to enjoy our land of peace and stability. ”

The fighters then performed the military section, and the ceremony ended with a military parade by the graduates of the course.

SDF .Media Center


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