Shahid Jumaa Al – Nazzal Academy Graduates its first Course

Tabqa – shahid “Jumaa Al-Nazzal” Academy in Al-Jarniya region northern of tabqa graduated its first  course of SDF fighters, in the name of shahid Alaa Khalifa  course, which included about 120 fighters,

The course lasted 45 days during which trainees received military training on all light and medium weapons.

The graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahid, followed by a military parade by the fighters,

Then, “Shiyar Hassan” delivered a speech on behalf of SDF, in which he blessed the fighters of the graduation of this first course of the Academy of shahid “Juma Al-Nazzal” and wished them success in the performance of their duty to defend and protect this homeland. He praised the efforts made by the fighters in their training, he noted that sons of this homeland are the only ones capable of liberating and defending this land.

The fighter “Saleh Ibrahim” from Raqqa city mentioned that we in this course have undergone intellectual and ideological lessons in addition to military exercises on a number of types of light weapons and medium and some military tactics.

SDF, Media Center


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