Shahid ”Najbir Academy” graduated 44 women fighters

Al-Hasakah –shahid “Najbir”  Academy in Al-Shaddadi graduated two training courses named Shahid ”Areen Haskah” and Shahid ”Arian Afrin” and included 44 fighters that lasted 90 days  which the fighters received training and military tactics.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahids and followed by a military parade by the fighters.

The graduation attended by leaders of SDF, and the leader, Ariane Qamishlo, congratulated the women fighters and urged them to exert more effort and develop themselves, and stressed that SDF with the arms of its fighters continue to achieve victories and eliminate terrorism and defend against the occupation.

The trainer “Roken Azad” saying:”The women fighters are ready to fight any terror, no matter how powerful they are, and they proved their worth through the training they have received,”

”Vivian Hassou”, a trainee, said that she benefited greatly from the exercises, especially the ideological ones, as she underwent many military exercises on weapons.

The graduation ceremony ended with the fighters performing the military section.

SDF, Media Center


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