Start of the military training in shahid Qandil Salhabia regiment

Many of Tabqa and Raqqa sons joined to the shahid Qandil Salhabia regiment to organize them within the shahid Qandil regiment of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tabqa city. They receive military training, lessons and lectures about SDF and its morals

After the trainees in shahid Qandil Salhabia regiment completed the intellectual and political exercises, and learned about the principles of the democratic nation, coexistence, human rights and women’s freedom, the military training phase began.

During our visit to the regiment, the course’s official and military trainer, Mousa Shorash, briefed us on the training saying:”this is the first course to be opened in the shahid Qadil Salhabia regiment, the number of trainees reached 120 trainees from Raqqa, Tabqa and Mansoura, and it lasts 45 days”..

Shorash pointed “After completing the political and intellectual lessons, we started the military exercises, and they will be trained in all kinds of light and medium weapons “A number of trainees were selected for special commando training.

SDF, Media Center

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