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Starting the final phase of “Hands in hand to restore the light of our towns””

Tabqa -After completing the maintenance of the electricity network in the villages and communities, the project “Hands in the hands to restore the light of our towns”, launched by” Together for Al-Garniya” organization “in Tabqa countryside.

And after the return of electricity as a result of the completion of maintenance work in the Euphrates dam and transformers distribution of electricity in it.

The electricity network suffered severe damage due to faults and damage. It had to be rehabilitated and supplied with cables and transformers with different capacities to ensure the regular return of electricity to the entire Tabqa countryside

Therefore, the organization “Together for Al-Garniya ” and in coordination with Raqqa civil council 30 days ago began a project for the maintenance and replacement of damaged cables and transformers in the electricity network and completed the largest part of this project, and the electricity returned to many villages “Western and eastern Ja’ber, Swedish Kabira , Mahmudli, Budbash, , al- targa Farm, al-Wafa farm and Ayn al- Ward.

“The project is nearing completion and we are now completing the second and final phase of the project, which includes the following villages: Sahl al-Khashab village, Kadiran village, Umm Shaqif village, Mashrafa Abu Redani village and Al-Garniya town””.

The number of beneficiaries of the project in its second phase was about 14,000 and provided 20 jobs.

With the completion of the project, the entire Northern and North-Eastern countryside network will be fully rehabilitated and electricity will be provided to all residents in countryside on a regular basis.

SDF , Media Center


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