Statement of the General Command of SDF to the public opinion

To the public opinion:

We launched our campaign to liberate Dashaisha town on 3 June2017, which comes within the framework of completing and securing the Syrian-Iraqi border and for the liberation of the entire countryside of Hasakah province from cells of terrorist organization. It was planned in coordination with the Iraqi army and coalition forces.

The campaign was launched from axis al-Shadadi and al-Hawl. It liberated 71360 km of land and 191 km along the Iraqi border, including the strategic town of Dashaisha and its villages, and the liberation of the villages of Al-Soare and Markada between the Khabour River ,and also liberated the crossing “Tel Safok”. Our forces met with Iraqi forces on the border and liberated the entire desert of Deir al-Zour

Our fighters liberated hundreds of civilians in their villages, evacuated hundreds of people stranded in these villages and removed them from areas of engagement. These villages were also filled with mines and booby traps planted by terrorists of Daesh to disrupt the progress of the fighters. They were dismantled by the units of the military engineering department of our forces. Our fighters are found a lot of tunnels that have been militarily isolated

The International Coalition fought in the air and ground effectively, carrying out dozens of air strikes targeting terrorist movements, targeted heavy artillery fortifications and also carried out surface-to-surface missile attacks.

Our forces also clashed with terrorists directly, resulting in violent battles in which heavy and medium weapons were used, and terrorists attempted to use the car bombs. During the battles and clashes that broke out in both axes from which the campaign “axis al Shaddadi and al-Hawl” began, our fighters managed to “kill 418 terrorists, including 16 emirs and capture 29 others.”

Our fighters took over weapons and ammunition used by Daesh terrorists, including:

Cars: Hummer No. 3, Toyota No. 5, Kia No. 15, Hyundai No. 4, No. 7 Tanks, Large Freight Cars 2, Isuzu and Inter 4, Container Loader Number 1, 1, pick-up number 2, tractor number 1 and generated number 1. “

Weapons and ammunition: 307 Kalashnikovs, M-16 rifles, 3, Brno 4, RPG 20, PKC 22, Dushka 23mm. 2, 2, Dushka 14.5, Dushka 12.5, 8 ., 1 Grad rocket, 1 .120 mortar, 2 mortars number 4, mortar bases 10, Hunting rifle 6, 10,000 PKc rounds, 12.5 Dushka rounds, 6000 Dushka rounds, 14.5 40, RPG launcher number 40, SPG launcher number 20, various type pistols 7, silencers number 4, large quantities of stun grenades, quantity of M16 rounds, large quantity of mines, quantity of filled tracks with PKc shots. and grenades.. “

Communication devices: “Rola 3, Hitra 55, Wireless Device Number 31, Video cameras 2, Wall cameras with cables 5, Laptops 3, Mobile devices dedicated to the number of 6, the battery of 1440, and a large quantity of medicines.

During the fighting that broke out between our fighters and Daesh, 4 of our fighters were martyred and 22 wounded.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

August 7, 2018

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