Statement regarding participation in operations in Idleb

We at the Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF monitoring the military and security situation and developments in Syria in general, and in Idleb, Swaidaa and Aleppo in particular. Lately, there were a lot of talking regarding the participation of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the military operation that the Syrian regime is said to be lunched in Idleb governorate. There were also a lot of rumors published by some biased media institutions regarding this matter.

We declare that such rumors are incorrect, neither our participation in such operations, nor any negotiations or coordination with the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are committed to their programs and plans to finish the military operations the we started to liberate the northern Deir Ezzor countryside, and focus on defeating ISIS from its last pocket in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, as preparations for the final phase of operation Roundup are ongoing.

Kino Gabriel

Spokes person of the Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF



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