HomemanshetStatement to public opinion

Statement to public opinion

Despite the state of calm and stability that we seek in SDF to apply to our common border with neighboring countries, especially Turkey, but Turkey continues violations against the residents of our regions, adjacent to its borders, almost daily.

to instill fear and terror among the people, and prevent them from working in their lands, the latest shooting incident on a citizen in Gre Spy (Tal Abyad) city on Sunday, where the targeted citizen was injured and was transferred to the hospital.

We in SDF has maintained, throughout the Syrian crisis, the safety and security of borders and crossings with Turkey, and we have never been the initiator of the tension and crisis on the border.

At a time when we affirm the continuity of our position, we call upon the international community and all human rights and humanitarian organizations to stand at its legal and human rights responsibilities against the repeated Turkish violations against our regions and our citizens and put an end to their provocations.

It is considered by international law to be a violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian state and a breach of all international agreements to preserve the security and safety of the borders of neighboring countries,

And that it comes at a very sensitive stage of the life of the Syrian crisis after the close of the elimination of the last remnants of terrorism, where all efforts are now focused on ending the violence and reaching a political solution to restore security and stability to Syria, and we are sure that Turkish actions undermine and weaken these efforts and return to the violent square one.

Syrian Democratic Forces

13 August 2018

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