Tabqa shines again

Tabqa-After the great achievements made in the Euphrates Dam from repair of the turbines and electricity generation and maintenance of the conversion field and restore it to work again in addition to the maintenance of local networks and the delivery of electric power to most areas of Tabqa country side, which led the workers in the dam and the Director of Electricity to work to improve the situation of electricity in the city To suit the development of the city.

Today, Tabqa nights are illuminated by the light that illuminate its streets and neighborhoods to reflect the progress and development Tabqqa city, a city that is full of life and population activity and movement continues until late at night.

The development of Tabqa city , especially in the field of electricity was the result of the concerted efforts of city people and the workers in the dams and guidance and support from the civil administration and some humanitarian organizations and the cooperation of the people of the city to each other to rebuild their city where the city was provided with new lighting poles, on both  solar and electrical energy.

Mohammed Al-Khalaf, a member of the city people, expressed his happiness and appreciation to all those who contributed to the lighting of the city. He said: After we suffered under the rule of Da’ash, which caused havoc and corruption in the city.  Today, after the liberation of the city, life has returned to it by the efforts of Tabqa civil administration , which is Seeking to be a better city ,  Now the population is satisfied by the services of civil administration of street lighting and paving, cleaning streets, opening parks and securing the city’s electricity.

Mohammed Al-Khalaf also thanked all those who contributed to provide security, Stability, services and to protect  our city from anyone who tries to harm its security or tries to sabotage the city.

SDF, Media Center


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