The Academy of Women in Tabqa graduated its fifth course

Tabqa – Today graduated in Tabqa  city 17 female trainee of the Academy of Women, and this is the fifth course that is graduated from the Academy of Women, and called “shahid  Sara course.

In the presence of a number of civil events, the graduation ceremony started with a minute of silence for the shahids.

The opening speech, delivered by responsible for the private academies in the Tabqa city of Nesreen Derek ,”, in which she congratulated the trainees and said “This course was a special course in terms of the quality of the cadres who underwent the course and the training program given to them, Because most of the women who attended the course needed the basic principles of management and according to the field in which they work.

”Derek” noted that the participation in the course was effective in terms of personal information and changes in the trainees who underwent the course and they change their personalities and analyze them appropriately.

And on the course and the goal of Joining it ”Sawsan Al Ahmad” spoke  ”I joined the course to develop myself and my personality. During a month of training, we received a lecture on how to deal with people within our work, about the concept of a democratic nation and freedom”ز

 The trainees ”Maryam Falah” from Mansoura  town also spoke: “We came to training and our goal is to be convinced of our work, opinions, ideas and reform within us. , And then move on to reform the society of ignorance and the concept of fear The aim of this course was to reform the individual and then reform the society and consolidate the concept of brotherhood of peoples and non-discrimination between religions and community components”.

SDF, Media Center


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