The Committee of Agriculture in Tabqa reviews its completed work.

Tabq- The Committee of Agriculture in the Democratic Civil Administration in Tabqa city its work completed during the last period, within a seminar held in the building of Tabqa civil Council .

The seminar began with a minute of silence and then reviewed the most important work done by the Committee on Agriculture.

The joint chairman of the Economic Committee Ahmed Suleiman pointed out that the first objective of the seminar is to meet the needs of the people, and that the institutions remain ready to reach greater production capacity and to build economic facilities that meet the needs of society through the available resources.

For his part, Khalid Al-Askar, Co-Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, said that their goal of reviewing their work is to define the farmer achievements of the Committee on Agriculture and Civil Administration in the Tabqa city, despite the difficulties and obstacles encountered.

Al-Askar pointed out that their work was six to seven projects, which were completed in full, including the rehabilitation of silos and the projects of Abu Qubay, known as “the area of fruit trees”.

And the establishment of agricultural arboretum located in the village of Al-Krain, which contains 40 thousand plants, in addition to reactivating the Poultry farms.

As for their future plans, Al Askar explained that they will rehabilitate the pumping stations of valleys, in addition to rehabilitating the complete forest sites which consist of the sites of Hammam, Tanira, Al-Krain and Abu Qubay.

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