HomedialogueThe construction of Al-Barazi (Al-Batani) neighborhood at Raqqa city

The construction of Al-Barazi (Al-Batani) neighborhood at Raqqa city

The Services Committee in the People’s Municipality in Raqqa continues its work in paving roads, and repairing the excavation of public roads and other Sub streets.

The Technical Services Committee at the People’s Municipality completed its first phase of the project, which targeted the rehabilitation of the main Tal Abyad streets from the silo roundabout to the north and the 16th Street in Rumaila neighborhood (Al Sakia Street). To start the second phase targeting the streets leading to Al-Batani roundabout (Al-Barazi roundabout) east of the ancient wall and up to the door of Baghdad to the south. With a distance of 7 km, which was severely damaged by the hostilities in the area.

The streets in operation have many extensions of main drinking water lines, which have also been destroyed, which may be an obstacle to the workshops and it may delay its work.

SDF, Media Center


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