the Cooperative House starts an awareness campaign for its members

Hasakah – The House of Cooperatives in the Economy body opened an awareness training course for its members and committees in order to raise awareness about the concept of cooperatives from the past to the current day, its inception and its goals. This awareness is part of a district-level campaign.

The administrative staff of the Cooperative House for Hasakah city “Ahmed Maish” a training lecture for the committees and members of cooperatives in the towns and districts of the province, in the presence of a member of the Economic Committee in the province, “Shirin Khalaf” and a member of the Union of Cooperatives “Walat Ibrahim.” “.

”Maheesh”began his lecture by talking about the beginning of the emergence of cooperatives 200 years ago and about the first cooperative in France and then in England. He explained the objectives of the cooperative societies in reviving the community economy and its endeavor to strengthen ties in society by achieving social equality for all classes, As well as the foundations of cooperative societies.

The awareness campaign will continue for an indefinite period and will include lectures in all cities, towns and districts of the province.

SDF, Media Center


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