The Council of shahid’s families in Hasakah begins to prepare comprehensive reports on the shahid’s families

The Council of shahid’s families, in Hasaka city began preparing comprehensive reports on shahids’ families including their family and living conditions and their personal needs.

Where the Council prepares these reports within a plan to provide job opportunities for shahid’s families, within the institutions of self-management.

It is through these reports that the material conditions of the shahid’s families, and to accurately assess the quality of assistance to be provided to them according to their needs.

On the other hand, the Council organizes regular seminars and meetings for the families of the shahid to see their personal status.

Rojda Ahmed, who is responsible for preparing the reports within the Council, pointed to the equipment they are doing in this regard. Where they seek to secure the needs of the children of the shahids in Eid of clothing and others and even buy gifts for them.

As for the services they provide to the families of the shahid, she said: “Besides the medicine of the wives and children of the, shahid we will open a special kindergarten for the children of shahid and provide all the school supplies for them.

At the end of her speech, Rojda Ahmed called on the families of the martyrs to be proud of their children. Without their sacrifice, we would not be able to live in dignity and freedom.

SDF,Media Center

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