The cultural center revives the city’s popular heritage 

Tabqa – The cultural center of Tabqa is one of the largest cultural centers in northern Syria, and for many years it has been a focal point for many of the, poets and writers who inhabited Tabqa city.

Where the Library of the Cultural Center was a purpose for the pioneers of science and knowledge of people, especially the educated generation. But this important edifice was vandalized by the mercenaries of the Free Army and Daesh, which turned the headquarters of their criminal process after it was a monument of science and knowledge.

However, this situation changed after the liberation of the city by SDF, where the Committee on Culture and Art began to restore and rehabilitate it.

Today, with great and continuous efforts by the Culture and Art Committee in the civil administration of Tabqa, the Cultural Center has returned to take its leading role in the city’s popular heritage, while continuing to rehabilitate the cultural center.

The member of the joint presidency of the Culture and Art Committee, Muthana Mohammed, confirmed that life has already returned to the cultural center by receiving many of the talents Which is characterized by the sons of the city, such as folk dance, painting, calligraphy and singing and other talents that I found supported and cared for.

Which many of the city’s children have been invited to join the cultural center to express their talents, several folklore groups have been formed from the city’s children. These children are trained by specialized trainers from the Culture and Art Committees.

The children expressed their joy and happiness with the training they receive at the Cultural Center to develop their talents and care their creations.

SDF ,  Media Center


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