The Education Committee assesses teachers

Tabqa – The educational system continues to work in all areas through the training and rehabilitation courses established by the committees of education in the north of Syria and from these courses, currently courses held in Tabqa city and its countryside.

The teachers completed training courses, methods of dealing with children and how to communicate the information to the students. Today, teachers provide practical needs to strengthen their scientific material and correct errors, which are common in grades. After the process, teachers and teachers will undergo a final evaluation of the course. Each teacher will be appointed according to his or her specialization in schools

Hassan al-Haj, an administrator at Omar Al-Mukhtar School and a member of the education committee in Tabqa, noted that the course lasted for 45 days. The teachers received Intellectual land methodological lessons and psychological support lessons, after which they would undergo a five-day evaluation.

Haj stressed that the aim of this course is to increase the knowledge of teachers and how to deal with these students because these students have gone out of a long war, and the delivery of information and most importantly strengthen the personality of the teacher and its integration with students at all levels.

The results of the course were successful and there was also interaction with teachers and high turnout and there is an estimated benefit of 90% of the response.

SDF, Media Center


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