The Education Office in MSD recognizes the Internal system for education

In preparation for the academic year which will start in the beginning of the ninth month of this year, the office of Education in the Syrian Democratic Council held an expanded meeting of the Education Committees in Manbij, Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zour and Tabqa to discuss the draft rules of procedure of the General Administration of Schools. In order to understand how all these offices, work and to unify their efforts to raise the level of education.

The meeting started with a minute of silence on the souls of the shahid. Then the discussion started on all the points in the draft rules of procedure. All the co-chairs of the education committees in those areas and the administrators of the schools attended the discussion.

, And spoke the joint head of Education Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, “Rajab Musharraf” expressed the need for the directors and participants to express their views on the draft rules of procedure because they bear a great responsibility in raising the level of education and searching for new ones that would provide the appropriate environment for pushing education to Forward.

“We meet today to determine a real compass for education, and to unite efforts for one goal, which is to move a new step after a year as we go to war, but now it is up to us to promote the educational work rise up high Let us give even a small part of the blood of our shahid to us, and show them that their blood is not and will not be loss” he added.

The joint head of the education committee in Tabqa “Mohammed Al-Nayef” talked about their meeting, and they are always looking for a mechanism that sets their goals in the educational work, and preserve the rights of teacher and student alike.

The meeting ended with the adoption of the rules of procedure for education after the amendment of some of its paragraphs based on the proposals of the meeting.

SDF, Media Center


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