The Funeral of Two Martyrs at Martyrs Cemetery

Our Martyrs beacon light the way for those who is lost on the path, as beacon illuminates the darkness of the night, and we do not bury them in the soil, but bury them in our hearts.

In the presence of y majestic official and military thousands of residents of Tabqa and Mansoura mourned bodies of two Martyrs, ”Abdullah Gedi” and ”Mohammed al-Khader ”in the Martyrs Cemetery in Tabqa .

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of Martyrs followed by a military parade by SDF followed by delivered a number of words.

”Zanar Kubani” delivered a speech on behalf of SDF. He saluted the Martyrs of honor and dignity. They sacrificed their blood to live in and we promise that we will follow a path that only the heroes will follow.

”Hind al-Ali” delivered a speech in the name of the Democratic Civil Administration of Tabqa city in which she has mercy on the Martyrs and condoled to their families and said: “Without the sacrifices of our Martyrs, we would not be able to stand up and advance our city. It liberated by their blood and liberated our regions from the terror of Daesh, and we will liberate Afrin and other areas.

”Hala Al-Hussein” delivered a speech on behalf of the Martyrs ‘ families at Raqqa. she has mercy on the Martyrs and condoled to their families and said: “We today are mourning a popular constellation of heroes who walked on the road of their comrades, the path of pride and dignity. Today they ascended to their paradise in the highest paradise and we promise them to walk on their path of freedom and dignity.”

The ceremony ended with the reading of the certificate, the funeral prayer, and bodies buried in the soil.

SDF, Media Center


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