The ” illuminate of Tabqa ” project is starting in Tabqa city

Tabqa – Civil Administration in Tabqa city in cooperation with the “Hope for the best Tabqa”, organization started the project ” illuminate of Tabqa ” which began work days ago.

”Better Hope” for Tabqa organization was to implement the project in cooperation with the Electricity Committee of the Civil Tabqa Council

After maintenance of the Euphrates Dam and the electrical transformers and the restoration of electricity to all Tabqa and its countryside.

The project will be completed within 60 days. Where it is divided into two phases according to the mechanism of work.

In the first phase, the main streets in and outside the city will be illuminated and the road extending from the entrance of the Euphrates dam to the Raqqa – Aleppo International Highway. In the second phase, the secondary streets will be lit within the city.

The project includes the installation of 100 electric power lamps, along with 350 solar energy lamps. The project will benefit 20,000 people from Tabqa and provide 40 new jobs for the city’s residents.

On the project ”Ali Habash” a member of the joint presidency of the electricity committee in the city council, said that the project is now being implemented within the city to be implemented later in the countryside as well. Pointing out that this project includes taking advantage of the remaining poles of electricity and wires, which was sabotaged during the years of the Syrian war.

SDF, Media Center


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