The low flow of the Euphrates River causes suffering to the Syrian and Iraqi peoples

Tabqa-Turkey and Erdogan government continue their failed attempt to undermine the will and steadfastness of the Syrian and Iraqi peoples and strive to achieve their colonial goals, especially in northern Syria and Iraq.

Therefore, Turkey resorted to another type of war against the peoples of the region. This was due to its resorting to  Malicious methods such as reducing the flow of the Euphrates River to Syria and Iraq. This will lead to a decrease in the level of water in the dam lakes and the exit of pumping stations from the service if the water level continues to decline.

Eng. “Mohamed Oso” engineer in the Euphrates dam confirmed that the continued decline in water imports from Turkey by half, which is contrary to the international agreements that provide for the passage of Turkey 500 m3 per second in the Euphrates River until sufficient amounts of water for Syria and Iraq, and “Oso” added that This decrease resulted in a set of problems in Syria and Iraq and the important ones are:

1- Low water level of the Euphrates dam is four meters.

2- The decline was a danger to drinking water pumps, some of which were out of service.

3-The decline has caused major problems in agriculture, threatening the food security of both countries.

4-Increased electricity rationing hours due to lack of water.

5-Water shortages are a disaster for the Euphrates River and dam lakes Fisheries.

6-As this water shortage continues, it will cause a major humanitarian and economic disaster for the Syrian and Iraqi  peoples.

SDF, Media Center


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