the Public Relations Office presents the condolences to the family of Shahid Mohammed Jdea

Tabqa -The Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces presented condolences to the families of the shahid Abdullah Mohammed Jdea, who martyred in Mansoura town. shahid was a fighter in the ranks of SDF and worked in the Public Relations Office for a year and a half.


The duty of condolence presented by the military public relations office in Mansoura town and a number of elders of town. And the shahid Abdullah from of Mansoura town participated in the battle to liberate Raqqa from the west, where he participated in the liberation of the villages (Khattounia, Sabahia, Hawi Hawa and al-Jazra).

Zanar Kobani, head of the military public relations in Mansoura, confirmed for family of shahid that they will not forget the shahid, they will not leave his family with anything and this land liberated thanks to the sacrifices of Abdullah and his and his companions who were martyred in order to live in peace.

SDF, Media Center


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