The Social Justice Council meets with the reconciliation Committees

Hasakah – in order to increase coordination between the committees of reconciliation and social justice and explain the new mechanism of action approved after the separation of Hasakah province from the province of Qamishli

To discuss the situation of justice and reconciliation committees in various areas of Hasakah province, a meeting was held on Sunday between the Social Justice Council and the reconciliation committees in the province.

The meeting began with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs followed by a speech by a member of the Council of Social Justice Noureddin Shaker explaining the political reality in general and the developments in the Syrian arena recently including the negotiations between the Syrian government and self-management

Stressing that such negotiations were a major step towards establishing a decentralized democratic Syria and that they must be based on mutual respect and respect for the rights of all minorities.

Abla Khalil, member of the General Directorate of the reconciliation Committees, explained the new mechanism of action and stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination among all institutions to build a democratic society in which justice and equality are achieved.

Before the conclusion, the members of the reconciliation committees in Al-Hasakah, Sharqiya,and  Gharbia, Ras al-Ain, Darbasiya, Zarkan, Tal Tamer and Al-Shadadi and Al Arishah, all affiliated to Hasakah Province, read their monthly reports explaining the number of cases in which the reconciliation process took place, Without resorting to court and cases that have been transferred to institutions and bodies

SDF, Media Center


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